“ John is someone I can definitely recommend for anyone looking to capture and create imagery just the way you had in mind. John’s ability to not only grasp your own vision but also consistently produce more options available makes John Kerr Foto our number one choice! ” 

- Steven Strachan, Even Property Director.


Stills Photography has always been an important core aspect to selling Real Estate and my approach has always been to present images that give a true sense of the space, old or new.

Though you may be familiar with mobile phone photography and how it can be used, it’s my choice to photograph using traditional tried and tested techniques to bring out the best in a client’s home. Research has proven that with more buyers searching online for their future homes, it's getting harder to standout as an agency if a non-professional approach is used.

It’s certainly simpler with a smartphone to capture images, but do you really have the time to edit, process and catalogue these during your busiest time of the year? Can you afford to take key staff away from critical administrative and legal duties to wrestle with photographic software?

Also, too many properties seem to get disproportionate care and attention in regards to photography. A new build gets the limelight, but the family home that has suffered some disrepair gets a quick iPhone pic for the property portal. This is not my approach, and it should not be yours either.

I understand time is precious. You need items quickly, clients need their property sold/rented, so I have created a system to be able to go from shoot to deliverables within 24 hours, making the process as stress-free as possible.

Let me take the time to find the best angle, move obstructions and light a room to show off its main features. Once I have a range of images, we can work together to select ones that will grab and hold buyers attention to generate you the best sale.


Though some property agents opt for a rudimentary approach, I like to do things different. A simple flat 2D can serve a purpose for determining space, but to really get an idea of a property's potential my service adds 3D features like furniture and other items to bring it alive.



With VR and immersive media set to dominate the consumer online experience over thecoming years, what better way to let buyers see your property than with a virtual tour. A great advantage is that buyers don't need to be in the home, with a Virtual Tour anybodycan discover your property day or night.








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